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Bucks duck double

Kennedy killer moved

SACRAMENTO. Sirhan Sirhan, the man convicted of assassinating Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles in 1968, has been transferred to another prison.

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As the state capital of California, USA, Sacramento is the place where businesses and other pursuits are nurtured. Dubbed as the Big Tomato, this city along the banks of two prominent rivers cultivated a population that continues to strike gold even after the California Gold Rush years.

History of Sacramento

The area and river running through it was named Sacramento by Spanish explorer Gabriel Moraga in the early 1800s. It was John Sutter from Switzerland, however, who built the Sutter's Fort (which would eventually become the city of Sacramento) in an area in the valley he called New Helvetia. Sutter's Fort eventually grew into a permanent settlement as gold was discovered in the 1840s. The Gold Rush years brought more settlers and people to Sutter's Fort. As establishments took advantage of this boom in population, the city of Sacramento was born in 1848. The city of Sacramento was eventually made into state capital through the 1879 Constitutional Convention.

Location of Sacramento

Sacramento is located where the American and Sacramento Rivers converge. Though this waterfront location would make a good venue for business, the river was what brought tragedy to the city of Sacramento a few times in its early years. Finally in the late 1800s, the streets of Sacramento were raised to prevent the destruction brought about by the rivers' seasonal wrath.

Sacramento stats

From miners to entrepreneurs, Sacramento City now boasts of about 48,000 population (as of the latest tally) and is deemed as the seventh largest city in the state of California. The metropolitan area of Sacramento covers 99.2 square miles, in which 2.1 square miles is covered by water.

Sacramento tourism

Though the Gold Rush years have long been gone, the prospect of finding gold in Sacramento still exists in the various tourist and entrepreneurial exploits in this city. The Sacramento River is a source of income and entertainment as cruises down its majestic course take visitors to the heart of the valley. The lush soil in the valley has sprouted many wineries, vineyards, farms and gardens that not only give the freshest produce, but have also become parts of the tourist highlights of Sacramento. Finally, a trip down memory lane and into historical places such as Sutter's Fort educates the curious visitor with facts about Old Sacramento.

Sacramento economy

Various business establishments are all found from the banks of Sacramento and into the heart of the city. Sacramento is home to many business and commerce chambers aimed at lifting small establishments and increasing their profits.

Sacramento living

The Sacramento area covers major neighbourhoods where inhabitants and city dwellers reside. These include neighbourhood communities such as Antelope, Arden-arcade, Carmichael, Fair Oaks and the Vineyard.

Sacramento entertainment

The theater and visual arts movement is very much alive in this city as it boasts of having the most number of community theaters in the US. The visual arts is also fully supported in Sacramento through the numerous grants, scholarships and funds allocated to the development of this craft.